Emmanuel Teacher Training College (ETTC) has been equipping Christian primary school teachers with the tools they need to serve in rural areas of Malawi since 2003. As they pursue their T2 certification they are also provided with guidance, support and training to strengthen them in this challenging service. Between 80 and 120 student teachers per year take certificate courses at ETTC Campus in Area 43 in Lilongwe. Apart from the Initial Primary Teacher Education Government curriculum, the College offers its student teachers numerous extra-curricular activities and study opportunities.


Our mission is to prepare excellent teachers for service to God’s people committed to teaching as a calling” (Ephesians 4:11) – who are lifetime learners, gifted communicators, love their pupils, are role models and address the needs of their pupils.

Teacher education at ETTC rests on four pillars: we believe that spirituality, academics, awareness of citizenship and skills to master life are the basis for becoming and being responsible citizens and teachers. By training teachers, sending them out into the field and continuously supporting them through our Teacher Support Unit, ETTC addresses the challenges in education due to a countrywide shortage of teachers. 800+ teachers have graduated from ETTC so far and are serving in Malawi’s schools.

  • We believe that faith in Christ and an understanding of God’s word and work in the world are the foundation of who we are, what we do and how we live.

  • We believe that being challenged academically and developing intellectually will empower young people to develop themselves and enable them to teach others in a way that they may be challenged and equipped as well.

  • We believe that young people need to become aware of their national identity and history, while at the same time getting to know other cultures, histories and nations in order to find their place in God’s world.

  • We believe that young people develop life skills in times of study, in community with others and in their path of faith – skills that will help them solve problems, make decisions, practice being good stewards of their physical health, resources, and opportunities.

We want to stay true to our mission as we continue to prepare teachers committed to teaching in Malawi as their calling.


Currently the staff at ETTC comprises of ten members of academic staff and a team of administrative and supporting staff.

Emmanuel Teacher Training College is headed by Pastor Dr. Jere McPherson (right) as Director and Silas G. Kathyole (left) as Principal.

The board of Emmanuel TTC is currently chaired by Professor Dixie Maluwa Banda and Vice Board Chair Mrs Rosemary Ngalande. The Accademic Committee for Emmanuel University is chaired by Dr Florida Banda.

As an institution of Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM), policies and spiritual insight are given by the General Secretary of EAM, Reverend Francis Mkandawire.


Emmanuel Teacher Training College has been part of numerous projects, some of which it has been leading.

DISHE (Disability Inclusiveness, Sanitation, Hygiene, Environmental Protection)

December 2017 – December 2020 | Project partners: Brot für die Welt, SCOPE Malawi, FEDOMA, FAWEMA

Under the motto ‘Striving for inclusion and supportive environment’ we seek to increase our impact in schools and communities in Lilongwe rural east and Dedza district by partnering with schools to implement DISHE in the communities – sensitizing schools and communities for issues relating to DISHE, planting trees, constructing hygiene and sanitation facilities, building classroom access ramps and providing teachers with inclusion training.

  • Treeplanting activity | February 2018

  • Project launch | February 2018

  • Sensitization and advocacy events on disability | March and April 2018

Inclusive Education, Food Security and Environmental Conservation

January 2012 – December 2017 | Brot für die Welt

Starschool Project

Phase 2: started in 2015 | Phase 1: 2008 – 2014 | ETTC as partner organization of EEDF, ETTC, FAWEMA and TUM (Teachers Union of Malawi ) | With support from EDUCANS (Netherlands)

In adapting the “Child Friendly School Concept”, the Star School Project seeks to initiate school and community development processes. As educational partner in this project, ETTC has been working together with schools to develop teaching and learning processes by training teachers in active learning and critical thinking methods; further it seeks to improve the learning environment and conducts minor renovations in school buildings. Within the Starschool Project, members of ETTC participate in the World Teacher Programme and BEQUIP Programme (Teaching and Learning Methods).

Child Friendly School Project

2008 – 2012

Using the “UNICEF Child Friendly Concept” which addresses the following aspects:

  • Academically appropriate school: school improving towards excellency and teaching quality; training teachers in different areas relevant to this improvement, i.e. teaching and learning methods; school management.

  • Teaching and learning environment: minor renovations of classroom, floors, roofs, improvement of the surrounding of the schools (school paths; community encouragement to build toilets; general hygiene).

  • Community engagement: advocating that the communities should support the schools, i.e. encouraging learners to go to school; providing resources, buying books, developmental work at the school, i,e. molding bricks etc.

  • Rights best school: schools should observe and respect the right of the children, i.e. encouraging children with disabilities to go to school.

  • Promotion of girl child education.

Training Female Teachers Project

Phase 1: 2014 – 2016 | Phase 2: 2016-2018 | Johannes Beese Stiftung

Promoting the training of teachers at Emmanuel TTC (with further emphasis on life skills training, food security and energy conservation at TP schools).

C4C Project (Connect for Change)

2012 – 2015 | Don Bosco, IICD (International Institute for Communication and Development), ETTC, FAWEMA, TUM

Focus on Communication and Information Technology.

Training Primary School Teachers

2004 – 2018 | Hilfe für Brüder

Inception of the Teacher Training College in 2003, Support of the process of building the campus in Lilongwe,  Support for running the college from 2004 onward.


We are thankful for partners that we have been partnering with over the last 15 years:

  • International Partners: Hilfe für Brüder (Germany), Christliche Fachkräfte International (Germany), Brot für die Welt (Germany), Johannes Beese Stifung (Germany), EDUKANS (Netherlands).

  • National Partners: Evangelical Association of Malawi, EEDF (Education Expertise Development Foundation), SCOPE Malawi, FEDOMA (Federations of Disability Organizations in Malawi), John of God, FAWEMA (Forum for African Women Educationalists in Malawi),  FMB (First Merchant Bank Malawi).