When our graduates start their teaching career in the rural areas of Malawi they face many challenges that can be discouraging even though they want to follow their calling as teachers. Most primary schools are understaffed, appropriate housing is not always easy to find and running water and electricity are rare in rural areas. The teaching conditions are a further challenge: large classes, lack of enough class room blocks and insufficient teaching and learning resources.

We believe that our graduates need to be supported as they work as teachers. This is why we have created a teacher support unit for our alumnis  that seeks to strengthen them in the following way:

  • Prayers

  • Visitations

  • Conferences

  • Grouping and networking

  • Meetings and seminars


With our Bridging the Gap (BtG) programme, we send newly qualified but temporary unemployed teachers into rural areas as volunteer teachers. Thereby we:

  • Improve education standards by lowering the teacher/learner ratio.

  • Keep up the spirit of teaching within our teachers while waiting to be posted by the Malawi government.

  • Develop communities through practical oriented teachings.


A further programme we have invested in is Complimentary Basic Education (CBE). We believe that age is not a barrier to education! With this programme we seek to:

  • Offer education to all sectors of society.

  • Enable “drop outs” to continue school and finish their basic education.

  • Attract non-literate adults to attend classes and receive basic education.

  • Keep and invite female learners (young and old) in and to school and improve their lives.