Our vision is to prepare teachers, educators and leaders for service to God‘s people committed to leading, teaching and empowering others for a better future for our communities.

Emmanuel University shall be a place where leadership, character and education are the pillars on which its studies rest.

The work of Emmanuel Teacher Training College has established itself within the framework of primary school teacher education in Malawi for more than a decade now. And we have envisioned further development and expansion of the work at Emmanuel.

We believe that the impact of Emmanuel TTC’s work in educating young people can be greater if young people can pursue higher degrees at Emmanuel. Which is why we have embarked on a journey to upgrade Emmanuel Teacher Training College to become Emmanuel University.

We have the vision that leadership, character and education shall guide the studies at Emmanuel University as students choose subjects of study in the areas of Languages, Science and Technology, Social Sciences, Commerce and Educational Studies.

We have the vision that students will be equipped to use their skills and knowledge to lead, guide and teach others.

We have the vision that students may learn to empower others as teachers, educators and leaders and thereby develop our society for future generations.

We have envisioned Emmanuel TTC to become Emmanuel University within the next few years, so that more young people can prepare themselves for service to God’s people on the campus allocation in Lilongwe, Malawi.