Garnet Kadango

When a Teacher Training College creates chances beyond the normal, its graduates get the chance to move beyond the normal.

I am Garnet Kadango, an Emmanuel Teacher from IPTE 9 who graduated in August 2015.

In September 2017 I was deployed to work in Chikwawa District, Chitungwani F.P School, Changoima Zone and was teaching in standard 1. During my period as a teacher I have been dedicated, punctual and very friendly to my learner’s as a parent. I this, I did not only see myself as a teacher but also a servant of God in different services. For example, I helped the needy learners with soap and even bought school uniforms for some. This was not just for learner’s but also to some elderly people within the school community. In addition, in appreciation to what God has done to me, I was never forgot to thank God in tithing and paying my monthly housing rentals to my church pastor.


It was like a miracle and seemed like a dream at the time. After working just a single year, the Ministry of Education promoted me to work as education officer under the EMIS Department.

Here is my whole story:

It was the day when the DEM (District Education Manager) called the PEA (Primary Education Advisor) to give the names of dedicated, well behaving and computer literate teachers to compete for the post mentioned above organized by ministry officials. Then we were invited for the interviews and we were so many but fighting for only four vacancy posts. I was terribly afraid and thought that I could not compete with some people who seem to be greater importance than myself, But my faith gave me strength, Jesus gave me the courage that I should not worry and he would do this interviews for me. After feeling such courage my body and my pumping heart was now relieved from the horrible tension that I had.

After being assessed in several areas of the education sector and in basic computer skills we were sent back home with the uncertainty on who would celebrate in the end.


After this I kept on thanking God for the interviews and the possibility that it could open for me.

It was on 7th September 2018 when the head teacher came to my class with smiling face telling me that the DEM had called him that I had been the most successful among the chosen four. With immediate effect I was asked to stop working as a teacher from that day and meet the DEM with an acceptance letter for the new office job. I was ready to go and visit the needed job orientation before starting the job.

Let me encourage you my brothers and sisters with little words. Being a teacher cannot hinder us to serve our God. Let us use our opportunities in our service as teachers to have live with a purpose in God’s kingdom.

For me as a teacher with purpose in God’s kingdom my mission is to serve the Lord with my riches, for example by helping the needy like poor, lame, orphans, and elders as they often do not have access to their basic needs and it is my desire that the world shall know the living God through my deeds. In me there is a vision that one day I will open home based care projects to many vulnerable groups.

My appreciation goes to Emmanuel TTC for its uniqueness: for having extra courses in Basic Computer skills, Natural Medicine, Discipleship and other courses. This is creating chances for its teachers to join different fields in the education sector and is also moulding teachers’ character to be faithful to God and well behaved, which produces good fruits in the education system and is improving it’s performance.

Garnet Kadango, January 2019