Somewhere in Blanytre rural. At a Junior Primary School teaches Grace (name changed). Her classroom accommodates Standard 1 as well as Standard 5 equally sharing space and resources. Grace has quite a story to tell:

“Trained at Emmanuel Teacher Training College, I had always harboured the desire to return to my home place after graduation and teach at the local Primary school. When after my graduation it was known that Government would not employ teachers for the coming academic year, I was not deterred and went back home to join the local school. Being the only person who achieved College graduation in my village, I felt I had to give something back to my community. As a “volunteer teacher” I was not entitled to a salary. Two of my colleagues helped me with little money they could spare. After some time the Teacher Support Unit caught up with me and I was included in the Bridging the Gap initiative for which a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the school and the community was worked out and signed. Meanwhile a second ETTC graduate has joined the school to serve as “volunteer teacher” there, lowering the learner/teacher ratio significantly and improving education in rural Malawi.”


Emmanuel Teacher Training College (ETTC) has been equipping Christian primary school teachers with the tools they need to serve in rural areas of Malawi since 2003. As they pursue their T2 certification they are also provided with guidance, support and training to strengthen them in this challenging service. Between 80 and 120 student teachers per year take certificate courses at ETTC Campus in Area 43 in Lilongwe.


Emmanuel Teacher Training College teaches according to the Government IPTE Curriculum. In addition, it offers its student teachers numerous extra-curricular activities such as discipleship, Anamed, sustainable farming concepts, permaculture, energy conservation, sports and recreation.

After two terms in college, our student teachers go into the field for teaching practice for two terms. A team of ETTC lecturers regularly goes out into the field to supervise and advise our student teachers, assessing the teaching and the teaching conditions. This gives us the chance to support our student teachers in their challenges and to assess the need for further support. After the two terms in the field, our student teachers return to college for further two terms.


Student at ETTC not only share time in class room studying and preparing for their professions as teachers. Our campus provides accommodation for around 120 students. Here students study together, live together, share their free-time together and manage their everyday life responsibly together.


Applicants should be holders of full Malawi School Certificate of Education (MSCE) or its equivalent, with at least four (4) credits which must include English, and one science subject. A pass in Bible Knowledge will be an added advantage. The application letter in own handwriting with certified photocopies of Malawi School Certificate of Education or notification result slip and a recommendation letter from your church should be sent to the Principal of the College.


As a private Teacher Training College, ETTC receives no funds from the Malawian government. All costs have to be covered through school fees, donors and donations. We believe that the education and programme that ETTC provides contribute greatly to teacher education in Malawi. In order to continue and expand our work, we are looking for financial, academic and project partners as well as volunteers that share our mission and vision of education.


When our graduates start their teaching career in the rural areas of Malawi they face many challenges that can be discouraging even though they want to follow their calling as teachers. Most primary schools are understaffed, appropriate housing is not always easy to find and running water and electricity are rare amenities in rural areas. The teaching conditions are a further challenge: large classes, lack of enough class room blocks and insufficient teaching and learning resources.

We believe that our graduates need to be supported as they work as teachers. .This is why we have created a teacher support unit for our alumnis  that seeks to strengthen them in a number of ways.


We have envisioned Emmanuel Teacher Training College to become Emmanuel University within the next few years, so that more young people can prepare themselves for service to God’s people on the campus allocation in Lilongwe, Malawi. We believe that the impact of ETTC’s work in educating young people can be greater if young people can pursue higher degrees at Emmanuel. Which is why we have embarked on a journey to upgrade Emmanuel Teacher Training College to become Emmanuel University, a place where leadership, character and education are the pillars on which its studies rest.