Welcome to Emmanuel Teacher Training College’s website. Here you can find out about us, our values and activities. We also show all results achieved over the years, as well as how to apply ( here  ) and how to support us ( here  )

Emmanuel TTC is a private Christian teacher training college, located in the capital city of Malawi, Lilongwe. We currently train primary school teachers (T2 Certificate) in a two year programme. For more information, see About Us

The idea of a Christian Teacher Training College was born in 2003 in the offices of the Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM). The Evangelical Association of Malawi (EAM) is a Christian umbrella organization for a total of 112 member organizations, of which 56 are different churches and 46 are church related NGO’s. EAM is reaching, through their partner and member churches, a total of 5, 1 million people. EAM’s headquarters are in Lilongwe, serving also the Central Region. There are additional regional offices in Mzuzu, serving the North, and in Blantyre, serving the South..



“Our mission is to prepare excellent teachers committed to teaching as a calling”


v Are lifetime learners

v Are gifted communicators:

v Love their pupils

v Are role models for them

v Respond to their pupils needs.



 ………..preparing teachers for service to God’s people – Ephesians 4:11 & 12


It is the vision of Emmanuel Teacher Training College (ETTC) that our graduates have a Christian worldview that permeates all of life, are prepared for primary school teaching and will:

Spiritually: have a personal relationship with Christ that exhibits the desire and ability to apply and practice biblical principles of Christian living as they serve God and others in the home, church, school and community.

Intellectually: be able to think critically, communicate clearly, and use mathematics and science effectively; find, examine and evaluate information; appreciate literature and the fine arts; and teach these skills to their pupils.

In Citizenship: understand and implement skills of effective citizenship and democratic ideals; discern changes and differences in world cultures, histories, and governments of other peoples; and respond to God’s leading.

In Life Skills: respect themselves and others and relate appropriately to others, practicing principles of integrity, commitment, and biblical morality: be able to solve problems, make decisions, appreciate work, and practice being good stewards of their physical health, resources, and opportunities; and impart these skills to their pupils.